What everyone on an LA freeway wished would happened to Justin Bieber last week came to fruition last night on Family Guy.

In short, Biebs got his ass kicked. Bloody nose and all. Peter Griffin laid the smackdown on Justin after he thought the singer was having an affair with his wife Lois. "Nothing happened. Just relax, old man," said Justin to Peter. Apparently, that was the wrong answer.

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To be fair, Peter wasn't entirely out of line for thinking something was going on between Justin and Lois since she dressed up like a teenager and snuck into his dressing room. Lois endures a mid-life crisis throughout the episode, acting half her age and wearing clothes that are super-inappropriate for a mother of three.

Johnny Depp also had a cameo in the show, where he reprised his classic role of Edward Scissorhands.

What do you think of Justin getting beat up on Family Guy?

Photo courtesy of FOX