The Step Up franchise always brings together the art and fun of dancing with a little bit of love thrown in there, creating the perfect combination in a two-hour period. The latest film, Step Up Revolution does that – again – but with a Miami beach twist to it.

Stars of the film, Ryan Guzman and Kathryn McCormick chatted with our friends over at ClevverTV about the film while getting ready to celebrate the DVD release at the end of the month! The duo dish on their favorite dances in the movie and what went on behind-the-scenes.

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Step Up Revolution tells the story of Emily who arrives in Miami with her dream of becoming a professional dancer and falls in love with Sean, the leader of a dance crew who works on creating cutting-edge flash mobs. Sean’s crew The Mob dance in a historic neighborhood, but when Emily’s wealthy father threatens to get rid of the neighborhood, the couple team up to turn their performance art to protest art.

Step Up Revolution DVD will be released on November 27th

What are you most excited to see with Step Up Revolution? The dancing? The romance?