When it comes to politics, some people think it’s best to keep their opinions to themselves. But stars are increasingly getting in on the presidential action by publicly endorsing their candidate of choice in both parties: some for Mitt Romney, some for Barack Obama.

Of course, it’s probably best to vote with your heart and mind, not your subscription to Us Weekly. But since stars are shilling everything else these days, why not the leader of the free world, too?

Here’s a look at which celebs fall on which side of the camp when it comes to next week’s election.



Jay-Z & Beyonce

Endoresement: No secret here. Beyonce’s been sporting some Obama earrings, while Jay-Z has been hugely influential in both Obama campaigns. His next move is a concert in Ohio in support of the President. And the First Couple of hip hop is also socially friendly with the First Family.


Daniel Radcliffe

Endorsement: The Harry Potter star isn’t even American, yet he's still a vocal supportor of Obama! He called the sitting president "everything the rest of the world liked about America and now likes again,” and even personally invited Malia and Sasha to visit the Hogwarts film set, with Harry Potter himself as their personal tour guide.


Katy Perry

Endorsement: Katy wore her endorsement on a ballot-inspired dress and will perform a free concert in support of the current President on Saturday in Milwauke. In fact, she likes Obama so much she spent her birthday with him and Michelle!


Lena Dunham

Endorsement: The Girls creator urged young fans to vote by comparing the experience with losing her virginity to "a guy who cares whether you get health insurance, and specifically whether you get birth control,” not one who "says, 'Oh, hey, I'm at the library studying,' when really he's busy not signing the Lilly Ledbetter act."



Endorsement: Back in 2008, will.i.am released the song "Yes We Can," with a video featuring celebrities who voted for Obama. This year, the Black Eyed Pea made a hefty contribution to the Democrats: $61,600!


Eva Longoria

Endorsement: The Desperate Housewives star isn't donating just her money, but also her time. She's the Obama campaign's co-chair, stating: “There's a thousand reasons why I support the president. I support him because I'm a woman, because I'm a Latina. But also because I'm an American.”



Endorsement: Her joking remark about Obama being a "black Muslim" may not have gone over well, and she also got booed for comments at a more recent concert in New Orleans for saying, "I don't care who you vote for as long as it's Obama." But you gotta admire the Material Girl for putting her endorsement out there, controversy be damned!


Honey Boo Boo

Endorsement: It took a lot of coaxing from Jimmy Kimmel, but Honey Boo Boo ultimately came out in favor of "Marack" Obama after being told that Romney prefers Jersey Shore to her show.


Kelly Clarkson

Endorsement: Though she calls herself "a Republican at heart," this year Kelly said she's going for Obama, mostly because of his stance on marriage equality.


George Clooney

Endorsement: George is one of Obama's most prominent supporters in Hollywood. Their relationship dates back even before Obama's initial candidacy, when the two worked together in aid of the people in Darfur when Obama was a senator. In May, George held a dinner that raised $15 million for the campaign.


Nicki Minaj

Endorsement: Many initially took her Dedication 4 mixtape rhyme "I'm a Republican voting for Mitt Romney!" seriously, but not to worry: it was all in jest. Not surprisingly, Nicki's an Obama girl all the way.


Other notable Obama supporters include Scarlett Johansson, Anne Hathaway, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, Mariah Carey, Big Bird, and quite a few more.



Donald Trump

Endorsement: The Donald publicly challenged Obama to release his college records and passport application. When the President refused to take the bait, Trump wrote on his Facebook page: “Obviously he wasn’t born in this country or, if he was, he said he wasn’t in order to receive financial aid and in order to have a clear and very easy path into a college or university. Only a very stupid person would believe otherwise." He is also doing robo-calls on Romney's behalf.


Chuck Norris

Endorsement: “Truthfully, I believe that Mitt has the skills and organization to defeat Obama and stop his fundamental transformation of America,” the Walker Texas Ranger star wrote in a series of articles strategizing how Republicans can win the 2012 election by following the footsteps of Abraham Lincoln. "We all know what four more years of increased socialistic decisions would do to our country."


Lindsay Lohan

Endoresement: “I think unemployment is very important for now, so as of now I think [my vote] is Mitt Romney,” Lindsay told reporters at a press event, apparently unaware that most of America isn't struggling to find work because they were partying too hard to show up to set on time.


Jenna Jameson

Endorsement: The retired porn star gave her endorsement to reporters while sipping champagne in a strip club: "I'm very looking forward to a Republican being back in office. When you're rich, you want a Republican in office." Not surprising, Romney's campaign neglected to pick that up as a slogan.


Gene Simmons

Endorsement: The Kiss singer has changed his political leanings in the last four years: “I voted for President Obama last time, but I have to say, I'm very disappointed in his job. He's been a piss-poor president as far as I'm concerned. Mitt Romney has some issues I don't like, but I will tell you, he's much more qualified," he said. How so? "He’s run successful companies, knows how to make money."


Kelsey Grammer

Endorsement: The self-professed "out-of-the-closet Republican" and Frasier star thinks Romney would "make a terrific president": "He's a clear thinker. He's a kind man, you know, and he makes a lot of sense." He has also been quoted as saying Obama is "over."


Clint Eastwood

Endorsement: The Trouble With The Curve star infamously had a conversation with "invisible Obama" represented by an empty chair at the Republican National Convention. It was more effective as a viral meme than a political statement, though.


Meat Loaf

Endorsement: Obama has Springsteen, Katy Perry, and Jay-Z performing free concerts in support, while Romney has... Meat Loaf, performing a rendition of "America the Beautiful" that is decidedly not beautiful. Unfortunately, the rocker forgot to register to vote when he moved to Texas, so his support is limited.


Stacey Dash

Endorsement: The Clueless starlet has tweeted up a storm in support of the Republican nominee, and received some flack from her followers for not voting for the African-American candidate.


Robert Duvall

Endorsement: The esteemed screen legend held a fundraiser at his home in Virginia that raked in $800,000 for Romney.


Kid Rock

Endorsement: The "Bawitaba" singer appeared in support of Romney's running mate Paul Ryan, stating that he wanted to throw a keg party for the Biden-Ryan debate.


Other notable Romney supporters include Jeff Foxworthy, Scott Baio, Jerry Bruckheimer, Patricia Heaton, and Jon Voight.

Still undecided? Well, if celebrity is a factor in your voting decision, you can always vote for Roseanne instead!

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