Nearly four years after he infamously beat then-girlfriend Rihanna, people just aren't letting Chris Brown move on from it.

There's no doubt he's a sexist, homophobic d-bag, but we have to admit he hasn't violently put his hands on a woman since. (Is there a sticker for that?) Despite that, protesters in Stockholm, Sweden aren't happy that Breezy will be performing in their city next Monday and are happy to remind people why. The posters plastered through Stockholm "promoting" the event show Rihanna's battered face, according to Gigwise!

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However, protesters of the protest posters say they don't condone domestic abuse, but it's unfair to use Rihanna's battered face as a way to get a message across. That being said, considering RiRi titled her new album Unapologetic and recorded a duet with Chris called Nobody's Business, we doubt what happened in '09 bothers her that much.

This isn't the first time extreme measures have been taken to stop Breezy from selling tickets and albums though. Someone went into a UK record store last September and plastered Chris' latest CD with stickers that read, "WARNING: Do Not Buy This Album! This Man Beats Women." But reports show the Stockholm gig is on track to sell out so if you're Chris, all publicity is good publicity at this point.

What do you think of the posters?

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