Ladies, are you ready to swoon? No, I mean swoon like you’ve never swooned before?

Justin Bieber gives fans a taste of what it was like to be Selena Gomez in his new Girlfriend fragrance commercial. Always wanted to have the Biebs serenade you about what he would be like if he was your boyfriend – acoustic style?  Yup, that’s in there. Want to know what it’s like to watch a late night movie with him and get to look over to see his beautiful, sleeping face? Check! It’s there.

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Viewers never see the female lead’s face throughout the commercial so go right ahead and pretend it’s you that Justin is fawning all over. And I totally understand if you watch it over and over and over again. I did the same thing.

Oh! Back to fragrance! Girlfriend was released back in August and is predicted to dominate over the holidays. With this ad, yeah, I believe it.  

What did you think of Justin’s new ad? Did you like how it was shot? And admit it, how many times did you watch it?