It's that time of year again, as we give thanks for our blessings and take stock of all the things we're grateful for. Such as the fact that we're not Lindsay Lohan, because girlfriend's life is a mess.

Yes, for Lilo and a few other choice celebrities, it's been a rough year, and even though they're famous, it's possible they might not all have a cozy, loving place to go. Here's a look at our favorite stars and the places they will (and definitely won't) be spending the holiday.


1. Katie Holmes

Due to this year’s divorce from Tom Cruise, Katie is now at the mercy of the Mission: Impossible star and his Scientology minions, so if they want Suri at Tom’s house for Thanksgiving, they’ll have Suri at their house for Thanksgiving. Luckily, she’s probably welcome to spend the holiday watching football with her pals in the Beckham family.


2. Lindsay Lohan

Seeing as how none of the Lohans can ever seem to get along with each other, we imagine Michael, Dina, Ali, and Lindsay will all be spending their day of gratitude bitter and alone. No word on what the other three Lohans plan to serve, but Lilo’s Thanksgiving comes complete with a major turkey ― her Lifetime movie Liz & Dick.


3. The Jacksons

Can you imagine this whole family gathered around the dinner table? Us either. The Jackson clan had drama long before more recent scuffles involving Michael’s estate and Katherine’s health, but somehow we think they won’t all just set aside their differences for a Thursday feast out of the blue. Luckily, there are enough Jacksons that they can still have, like, seven separate Thanksgivings and everybody still has a place to go.


4. Taylor Swift

We’re sure she has somewhere nice to go on Thanksgiving this year, but given her split with Conor, it won’t be at the Kennedys’. And that’s got to sting, at least a little bit. We’d say she might be able to make nice with one of her many notable exes long enough to break bread, but Taylor was pretty clear about that whole “never ever getting back together” business.


5. Charlie Sheen

The “total bitchin’ rock star from Mars” (his words, not ours) has a history of driving the women in his life away, and certainly his antics have driven a wedge between him and brother Emilio Estevez and father Martin Sheen. But there’s really no place for tiger blood at a Thanksgiving feast, anyway.


6. Levi Johnston

Now that he has a new wife and child, Bristol’s ex probably isn’t welcome at Sarah Palin’s dinner table anymore. Which is too bad, because he’s probably missing out on some fantastic Thanksgiving caribou.


7. Kristen Stewart

What’s an Anglophile to do? We’re sure K-Stew is a persona non grata at the Sanders home, given that he’s still married with two children despite their dalliance. But even if she and Rupert had become an item, that doesn’t change the fact that whether she’s with him or Robert Pattinson, she’s with a British native rather than a fellow American, which means no stuffing or yams for Snow White.


8. Justin Bieber

What’s the downside to breaking up with an American girl when you’re Canadian? No more turkey at the Gomez residence. Given all the rumors of these two reconciling, though, if Justin’s smart he’ll lock this down by Thursday ― just in time for some pumpkin pie.


9. Carly Rae Jepsen

Another Canadian and former Thanksgiving who is now dating an American, musician Matthew Koma. So this year is Carly Rae’s chance to say, “I just met you / This is gravy / Here’s my turkey / So carve it, maybe?”


10. Nicole Westbrook

After her wonderfully wretched “It’s Thanksgiving” video, we doubt she’ll find anyone gracious enough to host her on the holiday she sonically ruined, lest she begin singing into a turkey leg. Perhaps her producer/guest rapper Patrice Wilson is having a creepy gathering of underage children she can attend instead... luckily she "can't be hateful, gotta be grateful."

What celeb would YOU want to spend Thanksgiving with??

Photos Courtesy of Fameflynet