If you ask any actor why they would take on a straight-to-DVD trainwreck like Scary Movie 5, the answer in most cases would be the money. If you're a multi-millionaire like Charlie Sheen though, cash is apparently no longer a motivating factor.

The Warlock was given $250,000 to appear in the flick, but recently said he gave away every penny of his earnings. The bulk of the money, or $100,000 worth, went to a very deserving charity known as Lindsay Lohan to help pay off her tax debt. The remaining $150K was divided up among three actual charities, which were chosen by the movie's director, producer and filmmaker, according to TMZ.

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This isn't the first time Charlie has used his vast wealth for a good cause though. Earlier this summer, he made a $1 million donation to the U.S.O., donated $50,000 to the Cincinnati Reds Fund and launched his own charity last April.

Who knew? When he's not making death threats or allegedly abusing prostitutes, Charlie isn't such a bad guy after all!

What do you think of Charlie's charitable ways?

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