Despite what anyone says, TLC is still very much a channel about learning. We used to watch it as kids and learn about Egyptian pyramids or dinosaurs. Now we watch it and learn that America as a country is screwed.

The network that educates us about midgets, rednecks and birthing extraordinaires continues to keep it super classy with a new special later this month called Extreme Cougar Wives. And by extreme, they basically mean grandmas. The show is set to follow three women ranging from ages 53 to 76 and the super messed up younger men that follow them around as part of an examination of cougar relationships.

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The show will follow 53-year-old Jude and 21-year-old Kevin, 65-year-old Stephanie and her 28-year-old lover Octavio, and 76-year-old Hattie as she goes on the prowl as a single grandma cougar. As of now, the show is a one-off special set to premiere on November 25, but it's safe to say this will very quickly morph into a full season if the ratings are good.

Will you be tuning in for 'Extreme Cougar Wives?'

Photos courtesy of TLC