Whether its due to warmer temperatures from climate change or the economic recession that made free activities more appealing, celebrities sure have been knocking boots a lot lately.

And as you may have heard, this activity can lead to pregnancy. This year was a HUGE year for celebrity babies, to the point that we actually had to cut some of the more B-list babies when aggragating our rankings of the 15 Most Powerful Babies In Hollywood. Check out our rundown to figure out which A-list infants we expect to run the world by the time they start walking.

15. Luca Cruz Comrie (Hilary Duff)

Hilary seemed to be sporting her baby bump for years and since giving birth on March 20, she's been happy to tweet pics of herself out and about with Luca. Unfortunately, Hilary doesn't have too much star power left anymore and that translates over to her baby.

14. Marlow Sturridge (Sienna Miller)

You'd think Sienna would be high on the list, but the problem is that we don't know anything about her baby. We can assume it's a girl based on the name, but even that hasn't been confirmed. The only thing we kinda-sorta know at this point is that the delivery *might* have taken place in London.

13. Noah Shannon Green (Megan Fox)

Megan could (SHOULD) be much higher on our list, but we know very little about her baby because that's the way she wants it. Need proof? We weren't aware she gave birth until a MONTH after it happened. "We have been very lucky to have had a peaceful few weeks at home, but I would like to release this myself before others do. "I gave birth to our son Noah Shannon Green on September 27th. He is healthy, happy, and perfect." And that's pretty much the last we've heard on Noah since.

12. Unknown Name (Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr.)

Even though their star has kinda-sorta faded, the fact that Sarah and Freddie haven't told us ANYTHING about the baby, including the gender or name, oddly increases the kids power. We're all intrigued by what we can't have.

11. India Ray Hemsworth (Chris Hemsworth)

Chris was so determined to become a good dad that he cut down on promoting Snow White and the Huntsman immediately after his wife gave birth in early May. And it's been a rarity that the couple hasn't been photographed out and about with their new baby (even if we often can't see much of India), so she's been getting plenty of early media exposure.

10. Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson (Uma Thurman)

No photos and very little info have been released about Uma's third child other than it was born on July 15. With a name like that though, we can tell she's going to be a major diva when she gets older!

9. Gloria Ray Sarsgaard (Maggie Gyllenhall and Peter Sarsgaard)

This A-list couple already has a five-year-old daughter, so Gloria is at an immediate disadvantage in the power department. Then again, Maggie and Peter are universally liked and frequently talk about raising kids, which does counterbalance things. "I've seen kids with siblings - I don't have any siblings, so I don't know - but they generally go for about five minutes, 'Oh, cool! Anyway, what are we going to do now? Can we return it?'" said Peter.

8. Tennessee James Toth (Reese Witherspoon)

Tennessee was born on September 27 and a statement later followed that said, "Both mom and baby are healthy and the entire family is thrilled." Although he's been photographed out and about with Reese, she's obviously trying to keep him away from the cameras.

7. Olive Barrymore Kopelman (Drew Barrymore)

We haven't seen any photos of Olive since she was born on September 26th and Drew seems to want to keep it that way for now. "Thank you for respecting our privacy during this most special time in our lives," she wrote in a statement. But if she ever wants a career in Hollywood, it's pretty obvious that kid will be a tabloid fixture.

6. Penelope Scotland Disick (Kourtney Kardashian)

"Scott and I are overjoyed to welcome our precious angel Penelope Scotland Disick into our lives. We are forever blessed," said Kourtney in a statement shortly after giving birth on July 8. And since she lives her life in front of the cameras, it's only natural that her daughter would as well. Kourtney has also kept fans in the loop by tweeting periodically on her new journey into motherhood.

5. Unknown Name (Adele)

Adele reportedly gave birth to her baby boy in mid-October and that's all we know. Her rep said she wouldn't be releasing a statement and the baby would be raised away from the spotlight. If we knew something about the baby, there's a strong chance it would be higher on our list. But simply because, well, it's Adele, her baby gets a top 5 spot based on that.

4. Lorenzo Dominic LaValle (Snooki)

Snooki has been fairly low key since giving birth on August 25, but that doesn't mean she hasn't been skimping on major photo spreads with Lorenzo or periodically tweeting pics of her new little man. "Being a mom is an amazing feeling!!! I love my little man to death! Jionni is such a cute dad," she tweeted in September. And since her mom's life is pretty much an open book, it's inevitable that the same will be true for Lorenzo.

3. Samuel Garner Affleck (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner)

If Samuel were born at this time last year, he wouldn't have made our list. But because Ben has completely 180'd his career this year, the interest in Samuel was overwhelming when he was born. Both mom and dad don't exactly love the spotlight and do their best to shun their new son from it (i.e. no photo spreads), but we've gotten plenty of paparazzi photos of him this year. Plus, Ben and new Jen are among the most high profile couples to welcome a baby this year. 

2. Maxwell Drew Johnson (Jessica Simpson)

Firstly, the anticipation behind this was unbearable because it seemed like Jessica was pregnant forever. And when Maxwell was born, they pretty much walked from the delivery room and into a photo shoot for People Magazine. Jessica knows damn well that reality TV and media exposure revitalized her career and now that her brand is a mommy-based businesswoman, we'll be seeing plenty more of Maxwell in the years to come.

1. Blue Ivy Carter (Beyonce and Jay-Z)

Obviously. From shutting down an entire wing of a hospital when Beyonce gave birth on January 7 to attempting to trademark the name Blue Ivy, this kid has been in the news literally since the day she was born. She even was featured crying on one of Jay-Z's tracks when she was less than a week old! It's only a matter of time before Blue Ivy becomes celebrity royalty.

Who's your favorite celebrity baby?

Photos courtesy of People Magazine, Us Weekly, Getty Images, twitter.com/hilaryduff and twitter.com/jessicasimpson