The day has finally come. All those debates, political Facebook status’ and tweets, all those infamous Obama and Romney memes will finally come to an end. Why? It’s Election Day people!

Twitter and Instagram are filling up with celebrities urging everyone to go out and vote for who should take office for the next four years. Whether they’re in favor of Obama or Romney, stars are ALL about Election 2012 in this week’s Trending Tuesday!

Lena Dunham: “Update! Inspired by all the girls giving me shade I've added sunglasses and a patriotic peacoat #dress2vote #obama2012

Chris Brown: "VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Khloe Kardashian: “Agree, disagree but make YOUR choice and VOTE. The beauty is we all have a voice and the freedom to choose #America

Zooey Deschanel: “America F- yeah!”

Kim Kardashian: “Did everyone get out and vote???”

Emma Watson: “Can someone help - Where are the black squirrels from in New York? P.s did you vote ?”

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Naya Rivera: “Whoo!!!”

Keegan Allen: “Go Vote with all your heart...but bring your brain too. #Election2012

Nikki Reed: “In line getting ready to #VOTE! Every vote counts so make sure you vote regardless of how long the lines are!”

Ryan Seacrest: “Ballot filled out, just gotta drop it off after work. #ivoted #almost

Adam Levine: “#PLEASEVOTE

Kelly Clarkson: “Hey everybody please go and vote today!”

Ellen DeGeneres: "If you want to see change... vote. If you want equal rights... vote. If you want good deals on holiday sweaters, go to jcp. Then vote."

Mariah Carey: “Let your vote be heard!! Four more years!”

Eva Longeria: “Here we go America!!! Election Day is finally here! Vote! Vote! Vote!”

Diddy: “I voted today. #DoubleTap if you made it to the voting booth!”

Nicki Minaj: "Beyond proud of your passion to let your voice be heard. Happy Election Day"

Pete Wentz: “how is election day in the u.s. not a holiday from work for people who need it?”

Justin Bieber: "im 18...but i cant Canadian."

Alison Brie: "Feeling sooooo turned on by exercising my rights!! VOTE."

Ariana Grande: "Very excited to be voting for my 1st time tomorrow thanks 2@rockthevote. If you are legal please make sure 2 vote tomorrow, every 1 counts."

Ashley Benson: "Don't forget to exercise your right & VOTE today. Be heard! Find your polling place here:"

Lady Gaga: "So great to see everyone so involved today, going to say some political prayers and take a nap. #GodBlessAmerica"

Have you gone out and voted today?

Photos Courtesy of Instagram and Twitter