Russell Brand and the Westboro Baptist Church: together at last!

Two members of the controversial church that pickets the funerals of US soldiers appeared on Russell's FX show BrandX. Not only that, but they brought the entertainer one of their infamous signs, which featured a photo of Russell and the slogan "F** PIMP BRAND." Despite the hostility, Russell's comedic timing somehow managed to make a segment with these lunatics funny. "Now this, of course, is clearly meant to be offensive...and that's not a very flattering photograph," said Russell.

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The church members moved on to a Q&A game about who was (or is) in hell already, and they somehow managed to add Gandhi to the list. "What about that couple over there? Hell!" said Russell, pointing to a duo in the audience. "Come on, if f*cking Gandhi is going to hell, none of us is safe!"

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Photo courtesy of Getty Images