Let's just say Joe Biden shouldn't quit his day job anytime soon.

He may understandably lack some acting chops, but the VP didn't do too bad of a job in his cameo last night on NBC's Parks and Recreation since, well, he was playing himself. In the episode, Ben (Adam Scott) gives Leslie (Amy Poehler) a surprise engagement gift of a meet-and-greet with Joe, who she has long had a crush on. And the VP has a great smile, if nothing else. Guess it just runs in that office between him and Barack Obama...

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But we're loving the behind the scenes clip of Joe which never made it on air, where he hashes out his scene with Amy, Adam and Executive Producer Mike Schur. In the video, the four-some all toss out improv ideas and come up with a funny lingering-hug joke.  "She's good," said Joe of Amy while she isn't looking. "Now I know why she's nominated (for an Emmy)." If Amy can win the VP's approval, maybe she finally win the approval of the Emmy committee and take her first award this time!

Check out Joe's debut below!

What do you think of Joe on the show?

Photos courtesy of Getty Images and NBC Universal