Rachel McAdams has been in all kinds of movies, from romances to thrillers, and in them she's pretty much always playing a sweetheart girl-next-door type you can't help but love. It makes sense, since Rachel strikes us as a pretty nice girl in real life, too.

But ironicallly enough, her most beloved character is her cruelest ― Mean Girls' Regina George, the character she's still best known for. Almost no one in the history of cinema has portrayed a high school Queen Bee with such chilling accuracy.

Tomorrow is celebrate Rachel’s 34th birthday, so we thought we’d celebrate her post-Mean Girls movies and ask that crucial question, "WWRGD?" ("What Would Regina George Do?") Because we’re pretty sure crafty, vindictive Regina would have found her way through these dilemmas much more efficiently than these other characters she's played.


1. The Notebook

The Dilemma: Allie’s parents don’t approve of “trashy,” broke Ryan Gosling. (What are they, blind?) Her mother wants her to marry rich James Marsden instead. (Not a bad substitute, really.)

What Allie Does: She gets engaged to James, then can’t decide between him and Ryan. Eventually she chooses Ryan, and they grow old together as Allie succumbs to Alzheimer’s.

What Regina George Would Do: Luckily, Regina’s mom isn’t like a regular mom, she’s a cool mom. So she’d be on board as Regina marries the wealthy James for his money, then promptly divorces him and keeps half his assets so she can return to her true love, Ryan, with a little extra cash in the bank.


2. Wedding Crashers

The Dilemma: Claire is engaged to Sack (Bradley Cooper), who’s cheating on her and only marrying her for her father’s political power.

What Claire Does: She goes through with the wedding, despite her growing feelings for wedding crasher John (Owen Wilson), but changes her mind at the last second when he interrupts the nuptials.

What Regina George Would Do: Enlist one of her minions in a Three-Way Calling Attack, in which Sack reveals how he really feels about her while Regina secretly eavesdrops on the conversation. She'd then dump Sack with a simple, “Boo, you whore” and hang up.


3. Red Eye

The Dilemma: Lisa is on a red eye to visit her dad in Miami. But Jackson Rippner, the sadistic passenger next to her (played by Cillian Murphy), has a sinister agenda ― he needs Rachel to make a call to her hotel that will result in the assassination of the Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security and his family.

What Lisa Does: Cowers, cries, and eventually grows a pair. She manages to escape, leading the killer back to her house, and has to fight him off with a lacrosse stick. She manages to save the family at the last second.

What Regina George Would Do: She’d tell Jackson he can go shave his back now, and he's not allowed to sit with her. (She might still hit him with a lacrosse stick.) Jackson would skulk off, because every man is intimidated by Regina George. However, if she was bored by the in-flight movie, she might make out with him in the bathroom, since she has a history of hooking up in confined spaces (like the projection room above the auditorium).


4. The Family Stone

The Dilemma: Amy doesn’t like her brother Everett’s uptight girlfriend Meredith (Sarah Jessica Parker), whom he has been brought home for Christmas for the first time.

What Amy Does: She insults Meredith in front of the whole family… but eventually comes around when Meredith falls for her other brother instead.

What Regina George Would Do: Make Meredith switch sides at the last minute during their skanky performance of “Jingle Bell Rock,” thus ensuring Meredith will mess up the dance and be ridiculed.


5. The Time Traveler’s Wife

The Dilemma: Claire is in love with Henry (Eric Bana), but he has a genetic disorder that causes him to time travel and experience their relationship in a completely random chronological order.

What Claire Does: She grows increasingly frustrated by Henry’s disappearances, depressed by the fact that his condition makes their unborn children time travel, too ― resulting in a series of miscarriages.

What Regina George Would Do: Get some cheese fries and be grateful she can lose those pesky excess 3 lbs. now that she’s not pregnant.


6. Morning Glory

The Dilemma: Becky Fuller is the new executive producer of the struggling morning show DayBreak, tasked with the thankless role of keeping co-hosts with big personalities (Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton) happy.

What Becky Does: She thinks of a few lame cutesy ways to get ratings up, then turns down her dream job at Today to continue working on DayBreak.

What Regina George Would Do: Start a segment on the show where she calls guests’ mothers pretending to be Susan from Planned Parenthood, and film the moms freaking out when they think their teen daughters have an STD. It'd be a ratings hit in no time!


7. Midnight In Paris

The Dilemma: Inez is engaged to screenwriter Gil (Owen Wilson again), vacationing in Paris. But he starts going back in time at midnight every night and falls in love with a woman from the past named Adriana (Marion Cotillard).

What Inez Does: She has an affair with an obnoxious intellectual, prompting Gil to break up with her.

What Regina George Would Do: Tell Gil that Adriana is obsessed with him ― she wears a T-shirt that says “Mrs. Gil Pender” under all her clothes. Then she'd go back in time and plant a Burn Book that reveals Adriana once made out with a hot dog, effectively nipping Gil’s attraction to her in the bud.


8. The Vow

The Dilemma: Paige and Leo (Channing Tatum) are happily married until a car accident wipes out her entire memory of their relationship.

What Paige Does: She feels more drawn to the life she had before Leo, as a law student engaged to Scott Speedman. She briefly leaves Leo, but gradually rediscovers her passion for art (and Channing Tatum).

What Regina George Would Do: Play the car accident for sympathy, like that time she was hit by a bus but still got nominated for Spring Fling Queen, and tell Channing he looks really sexy with his hair pushed back. Regina’s crafty enough not to divorce Channing frickin’ Tatum, no matter the circumstances.


Do you wish these movies had all starred Regina instead of Rachel's nicer characters?