With voting day taking place TOMORROW (seriously people, go vote), celebrities have been posting videos left and right in a last ditch effort to get undecided voters to hit the booths. Our pick for the funniest recent video though has to be Chris Rock's appeal to white voters on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Chris has been an avid tweeter throughout all of the debates, but finally hit the small screen to prove that Mitt Romney isn't the only option for a white President. "In times like these, you need a white President you can trust. And that white President's name is Barack Obama!" said Chris.

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So why else is Barack the whitest option we have for President? According to Chris, his choice of dog and leisure activities are hardly the "blackest" options available. And he's lighter skinned than Snooki. (Can't argue with him there). Then there was his time after college going into black neighborhoods to help organize people. "How white is that?" asked Chris. "Black people don't go into black communities. We don't have to - we're already there!"

Since being posted last Friday, it's reached over 2.3 million views!

What do you think of Mr. Rock's white voter appeal?

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