Emblem3 stepped onto the X Factor stage just in time for boy band mania to reach a fever pitch once more, and though they’re two members shy of their UK counterparts' quintets, that hasn’t quieted the roar of squealing fans in the audience any.

The boys spoke to Hollywire’s own Chelsea Briggs about doing push-ups before performances, their legion of female fans, not being “a piece of meat,” and why they’re tools ― “a tool to help spread positivity and love,” that is ― and even displayed their generosity in sharing an Altoid with Chelsea!

Fan response to Emblem3 means we definitely haven’t seen the last of these guys, even though last night’s performance of “I’m A Believer” received a mixed response from the judges. Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid were all about it, while Britney Spears and Demi Lovato longed to see something more distinctive.

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Fortunately, the boys plan to play instruments in an upcoming performance, so we clearly have more to look forward to from the dashing trio.

The boys themselves obviously think so, since they're already looking forward to a tour of their own! “Can you imagine when we have our first Emblem3 show? That’s gonna be insane,” Emblem3-er Drew Chadwick says in his chat with Hollywire. “We’re gonna look back and be like, ‘Dude, remember X Factor? That was crazy. These people are here to see us now.”

Hopefully these future performances contain an appearance from the “vest of destiny” Drew seems so fond of. Anything to show off those arms, right?

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