13-year-old Carly Rose Sonenclar has had one hell of a year. After her unbelievable X-Factor audition won over all the judges (and most of America, to boot), she's proved her staggering talents week after week, climbing the X-Factor ranks. And last week, Carly reached the number one spot. 

Hollywire's own Chelsea Briggs caught up with Carly backstage right after her performance of Adele's Rolling in the Deep. She talked fame, family, life at #1 and may have blushed over her crush on Harry Styles... 

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Carly told Chelsea that even though she's sitting pretty right now, she keeps on her toes. "You can never get too comfortable," she said. "You can never say 'That person, I don't think they're competition.' You never know they could come up and take your spot," 

On her family's support up to this moment of being number one, Carly said, "I feel extra confidence, because I feel very lucky and blessed to have my family. To get number one is a huge accomplishment no matter what happens."

And in case you missed her amazing performance last night, you should prooooobably watch it. If you, like, wanna have your mind blown.

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