The X-Factor’s always smiling and energetic 13-year-old Diamond White was the center of the show’s major twist last week. After getting cut from Britney Spears’ Teen Team, the judges realized their mistake (thank goodness!) and brought her back onto the show for another shot! If Simon Cowell admits he was wrong that tells you something.

Chelsea Briggs chatted with the bubbly Diamond on the set of The X-Factor and chatted all about her surprise comeback, what she’s going to do different this time and her friendship with the other contestants!

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Diamond’s vocal talent gives her the ability to pretty much sing whatever song she wants and can totally pull it off. But one song that she’s dying to perform is one you may not expect. “I would love to Sing Girl On Fire by Nicki Minaj and Alicia Keys,” she said. “I’m really obsessed with that song and I also rap, so I’m hoping Britney will let me rap on the show.” Let the girl rap, Brit!

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