Now we know that there can only be one One Direction, but let’s just get it out there – Emblem3 is giving those British babes a run for their money. The three boys are currently representing their mentor Simon Cowell on The X-Factor and have already received quite the attention from the ladies.

Chelsea Briggs caught up with Wesley, Drew and Keaton on the set of The X-Factor talked about getting compared to 1D, working with Simon and the challenges that come with the competition.

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Getting compared to the biggest boy band in the world right now has to feel like the best compliment to Emblem3. But as much as they respect 1D, they definitely want to be known for their own talents. “Hopefully we can do our own thing. I don’t want people to think we’re trying to copy them because we actually have our own style,” Keaton said. “Hopefully we’ll be able to show our instrumental playing and do some original songs.”

Keep your eye out for these guys because they’re definitely going far in the competition!

What do you think about Emblem3? Could they be the next One Direction?