They’re back!

When we caught up with Emblem3 after their last performance, the boys admitted they were tired and wanted to go home, but this time around they were manic bundles of energy.

The trio opened up to Hollywire’s Chelsea Briggs about their excitement at finally playing some instruments on The X Factor, but mostly the chatter was of the silly variety as Chelsea grilled them about their pet peeves, most embarrassing moments, biggest insecurities, and more.

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Seems the boys have a little road rage to work on ― you just may catch them speeding through a yellow light someday. We’re also surprised to learn Wesley is so insecure about his posterior ― it never struck us as particularly large. Also surprising: Drew admits being insecure about his singing voice! (We weren't sure the perpetually tank-topped member would admit to any insecurities.)

These revelations go hand-in-hand with their stripped down, vulnerable performance of "Just The Way You Are" on the show last night. Demi Lovato may find them "predictable" -- calling their performance a "downgraded version of the Jonas Brothers five years ago" (ouch!) -- but their shrieking female fans means these lads may be going the direction of One Direction someday soon.


Admit it: are you crushing on these boys?