Since celebrities do most things bigger and brighter than the rest of us, it's no surprise that this applies to their gifts as well.

And while you might be debating whether to spend $30 or $40 on a Christmas gift this year, A-listers debate whether to spend five or six (or even seven) figures on theirs! From watches, rings and rides worth way more than all our possessions combined, check out the top 10 celebrity items we want to steal this holiday season!

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1. Brad Pitt's $1.6 Million Helicopter From Angelina Jolie

Brad and Angelina already had a helicopter pad installed at their home in the south of France, but no helicopter. That all changed last May when Angelina plunked down $1.6 million to get her hubby a freakin' chopper! Not even for any special occasion. Just 'cause. But since we're in a recession and a full-time pilot is expensive, she also threw in some flying lessons for Brad.

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2. Kanye West's $750,000 Lamborghini From Kim Kardashian

We get it. Your 35th birthday is a big deal. That said, Kim K went above and beyond last June by getting her boyfriend Kanye a Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4. The only problem? Kanye was on tour in Ireland at the time. Not to worry though. Kim gave him a coming attraction by taking a video of his new ride and then flying out to Ireland to show him!

3. Angelina Jolie's $390,000 Watch From Brad Pitt

After getting a helicopter from his wife, Brad knew he would have to step up in the gift-giving department. He did just that last August by immediately snatching up a Patek Philippe Minute Repeater, despite the fact there's normally a two-year waiting list for the watch. The gold timepiece is made with a mother of pearl dial and takes two months to make.

4. Christina Hendricks' $24,000 Tote to Herself

Sometimes it's best to just treat yourself rather than wait to be given a gift. Christina did just that last August, when she was seen walking around LA with a super-expensive black-and-silver alligator bag from Farbod Barsum. Some people might not think it's worth spending $24,000 on a bag you're just going to dump your lipstick and Kleenex in. Those people aren't Christina.

5. Suri Cruise's $24,000 Playhouse From Katie Holmes

Suri's playhouse is infuriating simply because it's bigger than my studio apartment. And looks a hell of a lot nicer. Suri's Christmas gift this year comes complete with recessed lighting, a sunroom and eat-in kitchen. Not only that, but it also has actual electricity and running water! And if she needs to talk to her mom, Suri can connect with Katie in the playhouse via intercom.

6. Jay-Z's $5 Million Watch from Beyonce

Even for a mega-rich couple like Beyonce and Jay-Z, this has to sting a little bit. To celebrate her hubby's 43rd birthday earlier this month, Beyonce bought him the most expensive Hublot watch in the world! Known as the "Big Bang," the watch has 1,282 diamonds in total. The power couple earned $70 million combined in 2011, so the world's most pricey gifts are still well within their budget, though.

7. Justin Bieber's $620,000 Batmobile to Himself

Even if you don't like his music, it's impossible not to like Justin's rides. Back in November 2011, Biebs spent $620,000 at West Coast Customs to take a Cadillac CTS-V and turn it into a tricked-out Batmobile. The Batman logo is on the front and back of the car, the nameplate on the trunk reads "batmobile" and the doors open in reverse, Batmobile style. The Cadillac normally costs $60,000, so he spent nearly 10 times that with the alterations!

8. Jennifer Aniston's $500,000 Engagement Ring From Justin Theroux

After all the hard luck she's had in the dating department, Jennifer deserved a nice engagement ring. It's safe to say Justin got a little action, though, after plunking down some serious cash last October for her rock. The bling is approximately 8-9 carats with a radiant cut center diamond

9. Victoria Beckham's $35,000 Phone to Herself

We're just happy if our phone sends messages and doesn't drop calls. Mrs. Beckham, on the other hand, dropped some serious dough back in February 2011 on an iPhone 4. Her blinged-out phone was covered in 150 grams of 24-karat gold and featured a half-naked photo of hubby David on the desktop. But since she bought the phone nearly two years ago, it's safe to say she's upgraded since then.

10. Donald Trump's $100 Million Jet to Himself

Money, money,! First class obviously isn't good enough for The Donald, so in February 2011, he bought a mansion in the sky from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and tricked it out to his own taste. The ceilings are made of suede, while a private master bedroom and bathroom features walls lined in gold silk. Even the luggage bins and seatbelts are made of 24 karat gold!

Which celebrity item do you want to steal most?

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