Good news for Grease fans ― apparently dressing in slutty leather is a recipe for romantic success after all! Danny and Sandy reunite 35 years after Grease in “I Think You Might Like It,” Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta’s holiday-themed video from their forthcoming This Christmas album. (To be honest, we wouldn't have pegged Danny and Sandy as a lasting item.)

More good news: if John and Olivia thought we might like this video, they were right ― we do! (But ironically.) “I Think You Might Like It” is awesomely cheesy in a low-budget, homemade, let’s-choreograph-this-thing-ourselves, hey-kids-do-you-wanna-be-in-a-music-video-no-thanks-dad-well-you-have-to-or-you-get-nothing-for-Christmas kind of way.  

Catch the video and our favorite moments below. We think you might like it.

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Awkward, right? Okay, now let's break down the "I Think You Might Like It" video's most head-scratching moments, in descending order.


10. John and Olivia wear matching outfits at all times

9. John Travolta exits his own plane in the most theatrical way possible

8. Travolta’s daughter and friends forced to listen to dad’s music on their iPods

7. Olivia has a major cougar thing going on

6. John’s wife stuck wrangling the kids while he’s off on joyride with other woman

5. Random soldier briefly looks crushed that he’s alone for the holidays

4. Old lady looks like she’s being forced to line dance at gunpoint

3. Olivia and John gleefully run to each other at reunion (but she's a little more excited than he is)

2. Cop and soldier thumb-dance together

1. John apparently leaves his wife for Olivia at the end (with everyone’s Christmas presents in passenger seat)

It's like an awkward family Christmas card in music video form! As in most family gatherings, we're not even sure who all is related to who. Why are these families are spending Christmas at what appears to be the airport? Why does it take the cop and the soldier so long to recognize each other? (Do they even know each other?) It's also a big mystery why John's family is featured in a video that is all about him hooking up and "making love all night" with a former co-star. You know it's a pretty bad video when John Travolta singing while flying a plane, a kid doing the robot, and Travolta purring "I like it!" at the end can't crack the top 10.

Not that we're complaining. For a second there, we were worried that Nicole Westbrook's "It's Thanksgiving" would be the only hilariously corny holiday music video we'd get this year.

Thanks, Santa!

What was your favorite awkward moment from Olivia and John's video?