It looks like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher may be headed for the world's slowest divorce process of all time.

Thirteen months after ending their six-year relationship because Ashton allegedly cheated on Demi with now-girlfriend Mila Kunis, he finally went ahead and filed for divorce last week. Demi announced she would be filing for divorce as soon as the split happened back in November 2011, but never followed through. Sources close to the situation say Ashton was trying to give Demi some dignity by letting her do the honors, but simply had no choice but to file them in the end, according to TMZ

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All Demi has to do is sign the papers, but she's apparently looking for a big fat settlement first. Sources are saying that she wants a similar settlement to what she got in her most recent divorce back in 2000 to Bruce Willis, mainly because it definitely worked in her favor.

While Ashton is TV's highest paid actor with $24 million in the last year from Two and a Half Men, Demi's NYC apartment is worth more and she has far more in the bank than him as well. That seems to be beside the point for Demi, though. Since she believes Ashton's actions are the cause of their divorce, she will be out for blood!

Whose side are you on in this battle?

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