Tick-tock, tick-tock! That's the clock winding down on Brad Pitt's glory years as he takes one step closer towards the big 5-0!

The hunky actor turns 49 today, and while we like to celebrate the great aura of his existence on the reg, today we're rounding up the top 15 things that make him so darn awesome -- and they don't all have to do with his looks! Happy Birthday, Brad, here's to you!

1. He captured our hearts with his hotness in Thelma & Louise

2. He looked this sexy even all bloodied up for Fightclub

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3. Everyone still loved him... even when he looked like this

4. But he cleaned up well, so who can complain?!

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5. He's 1/2 of Hollywood's hottest and most A-list couple

6. He shocked us all by proposing to Angelina Jolie when we least expected it

7. He's a family man

8. He wasn't ashamed to let Angelina's right leg out-shine him on the red carpet

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9. He runs with an A-list crowd (George Clooney, Matt Damon)

10. But he also embraces the up-and-comers (Jonah Hill)

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11. He's a do-gooder and always doing something for charity

12. He made one hell of a Greek warrior

13. He's prepared us for what he'll look like in his old age

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14. He's not always perfect

15. Just... this.

What is your fave thing about Brad Pitt?!

Photos Courtesy of: Fame/Flynet, GQ, Entertainment Weekly