Not many presidential elections find their way to the big screen ― presidential biopics like Nixon and Lincoln tend to focus on their actual time in office.

But with sound bites, social media, and memes galore, three of the most recent elections are easily adapted to the big screen. HBO’s recount chronicled the controversy surrounding Florida ballots back in 2000, while Game Change starred Ed Harris as John McCain and Julianne Moore as an inept Sarah Palin. Now, the most recent election is becoming an HBO movie, too.

The film will be based on the book Double Down: Game Change 2012, obviously a sequel to Game Change, which doesn’t come out until next fall. We won’t see the movie any time soon either ― it’s not slated to air until 2016!

At least by that point, we’ll probably be ready to revisit some of our favorite moments from the 2012 election (rather than just be exhausted by them). Game Change focused only on John McCain and Sarah Palin’s side of the story, avoiding the need to cast an actor to play Barack Obama.

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Will Double Down take a similar approach? It’s hard to imagine a movie about the 2012 election that doesn’t take us to the debates with Obama, though maybe some tricky editing can work in real footage with the actor playing Mitt Romney in a way that isn’t jarring.

Regardless, we’re curious to see who will be tapped to play Romney, given that Julianne Moore’s Palin was so spot-on. (Almost as spot-on as Tina Fey’s.)

As for Paul Ryan, may we suggest Adam Levine? They both tend to cause a stir when they're shirtless.


Who do you want to see cast as Romney and Ryan?