Sometimes, something perfect happens.

That pretty much sums up the meeting of talents in The Killers' "Here With Me" video, directed by Tim Burton, reuniting him with his Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice star Winona Ryder. The clip is every bit as macabre as you might imagine, as a boy carries a mannequin Winona everywhere with him, occasionally imagining that she's the real deal. How it ends is just... unusual.

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We will admit that we didn't quite think this was weird enough... until mannequin Winona turned out to be a candle, and the boy also turned out to be a candle... and yeah. It's definitely vintage, old-school, imaginative Burton at his finest.

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And there's also that cool moment where every person in a restaurant turns out to be Winona. Definitely worth a watch or three.

Were you happy to see Tim and Winona back together?