Violence. Mayhem. Brad Pitt. You might think this would be a winning combination at the box office, but you’d be wrong.

Killing Them Softly lived up to its name, opening to a very soft $7 million this weekend, way down in seventh place. It also earned an atrocious ‘F’ CinemaScore from audience who were apparently underwhelmed by what they saw. It’s one of Brad’s worst-ever openings for a wide release, bested by Twilight, Skyfall, and Lincoln ― all of which had been out for more than a week (in Skyfall’s case, three).

Despite the film’s dismal CinemaScore rating, the quality of the movie isn’t solely to blame. It actually received mostly favorable reviews from film critics.

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The blame can probably be pinned on the film’s marketing, which sold Brad as a gangster badass but gave us few other reasons to want to see the movie. The film’s trailer made it hard to tell who the film was really about and whether Brad was a good or bad guy, and didn’t really distinguish itself from other movies in the crime genre.

Regardless of what went wrong, Killing Them Softly is Brad’s worst live action wide release opening since the early 90’s, before he was a household name. The silver lining is it has already outgrossed The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford, which, like Killing Them Softly, was directed by Andrew Dominik.

Looks like these two will have to stop making movies together ― with numbers like these, who would finance a third collaboration between these two?

Will you check out Killing Them Softly?