It’s too bad Rihanna already took the title Unapologetic for her album, because it’s even more fitting for Chris Brown.

It’s only been a little more than a week since the “Nobody’s Business” singer revolted the world at large with his unsavory scatological comments on Twitter, but he’s still lighting up controversies (and, apparently, doobies) left and right by posting intimate photos with Rihanna. And now... this.

You know that Sublime song “Smoke Two Joints”? Well, when you’re out-smoking even the most notorious stoner band of all time, maybe you have a problem.

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Coming from many other stars, we might find this picture amusing, or we’d at least be neutral. Coming from Breezy? It seems like a shameless bid for the negative attention he gets whether he’s asking for it or just being himself. (The self that behaves in ways that piss the general public off.) Why post something like this that he knows will get all kinds of bad publicity?

What is he, high?

Ah... right. Thrice as high as usual.

“Oh don't worry. It's medicinal!! Lol” he posted, along with the pic. We might buy that, if marijuana can be used to treat anger management issues. Maybe he deserves a pass considering that the photo was taken in weed-friendly Amsterdam.

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Today, however, Chris seems to be looking to turn over a new leaf. “Time to start fresh. #newchapter,” he tweeted just a few minutes ago ― only his second tweet since returning to Twitter. We’re not sure a trio of spliffs is the very best way to do it, but we’ll give Chris the benefit of the doubt.

Oh wait, no we won't. That would be stupid.

Has Chris Brown gone too far yet? Tell us what you think!

Photo via Instagram