What, you actually thought Chris Brown was removing himself from the Twittersphere for good?

Breezy shut down his Twitter last week after getting into a temper-tantrum war with comedian Jenny Johnson, marking the third time he's canceled his account. But just like the other two times, he reactivated after less than a week. As of now, though, it's literally a clean slate, since he deleted all previous tweets and has yet to post a new one.

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Chris has still been regularly posting photos on Instagram though, including this recent one with Rihanna in a hotel room. RiRi is in a bra and full camo gear (obviously) as a cloud of pot smoke sways by her.

"I hate mornings... Let me get my ass up! Wake and bake!!" commented Breezy earlier this morning. Yeah, we get it, dude. You're a badass because you smoke pot with your medical marijuana card. Take a number and get in line with the other 90 percent of California.

Are you glad to see Chris back on Twitter?

Photos courtesy of Getty Images and http://web.stagram.com/n/fu*kyopictures/