Frank Ocean has definitely influenced a person or two within the past year, and now we can add Australian stud Cody Simpson to that list. The Aussie, who’s known for his laid-back surf style and attitude, put his own spin on Frank’s "Super Rich Kids." The result? "Super Beach Kids"! Makes sense for Cody, right?

Chelsea Briggs brings you the clip in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Chelsea chatted with Cody at the beach, fittingly, to talk about his new music and the positive feedback he’s back getting from his fans. “People have been loving it so far, which is a great response. It’s something a little different. I had a little rap in there too,” he said.

Cody rapping? Sounds like an early Christmas gift to us!

What do you think about Cody’s spin on Frank’s song? Which do you prefer?