If you weren’t sure how One Direction fans felt about Taylor Swift stealing away their precious Harry Styles, this girl explains it all -– T. Swifty style. Directioner Ashley Frangipane wrote a parody of Taylor’s hit I Knew You Were Trouble, but this one, The Haylor Song, isn't portraying Taylor as the victim for once.

With lyrics like: “We knew she was trouble when she got Styles / So shame on us now / This fandom is getting kinda hostile / She’s gonna put him in her ex boy pile,” this will serve as the official anthem for Anti-Haylor fans everywhere.

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It’s no secret that Taylor has dated or hooked up with some of the hottest guys in Hollywood, which usually only lasts a few months until she gets a hit single out of the deal -– or an entire album in, Joe Jonas’ case. But One Direction fans are determined to not let her break Harry’s heart in this.

Maybe, for everyone’s sake, these two should try and keep in on the downlow so no one gets hurt?

What do you think about this anti-Haylor video? Hilarious? So true? Too much?