We all know the major stars make major bank in big-time studio movies. But how many are really worth the big bucks?

There are fewer and fewer movie stars that can be counted on to open a movie with huge numbers these days. Nowadays, the biggest movies tend to be superheroes and other franchises that are more about the source material than they are about who’s starring. The year’s biggest movie, The Avengers, was mainly sold on the stardom of the comic book characters, not the actors playing them. Ditto for movies like The Hunger Games and Twilight, whose actors become mega-stars after their roles in the movie, not vice versa.

Find out who made the list below!

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According to Forbes, Hollywood’s most overpaid star is Eddie Murphy. Not surprising ― the man has starred in more flat-out bombs than anyone we can think of (Norbit, Imagine That, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Meet Dave ... we could go all day), yet his asking price is still staggeringly high based on his successes of the 80s and 90s. One recent movie, Tower Heist, was a modest success (though it was also an ensemble resting on the star power of actors like Ben Stiller, too).

Second on the list is slightly more surprising ― Katherine Heigl. The Grey’s Anatomy star-turned-romcom queen asks $12 million per movie thanks to early hits like Knocked Up and 27 Dresses. But her more recent movies (like One For The Money) massively underperformed.

Reese Witherspoon ranked third, and it’s true ― she hasn’t had a hit in a minute (or even a memorable role). We’re more stunned that Sandra Bullock came in at #4, given the massive appeal of The Blind Side. (You can blame All About Steve and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close for dragging her into this.)

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Jack Black came in at #5, followed by Nicolas Cage, Adam Sandler, Denzel Washington, Ben Stiller, and Sarah Jessica Parker rounding out the Top 10. Forbes used a mathematical process to determine which stars earned the most in proportion to the films' meager profits.

So. It's either time to reduce those salaries or pick better projects, guys! No more coasting on former glory!

Which star do you think is most overpaid?

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