And we're back, with another interview with the always-entertaining Emblem3!

We already know how the boys' already-devoted fan base feels about them, but the judges haven't always been so kind. Demi Lovato in particular has been harsh on the guys -- until this week, when performances of "Baby I Love Your Way" and "Hey Jude" got raves all-around from the judges!

Hollywire's own Chelsea Briggs chatted with the boys after the performance to talk about their "five million dollar moment," how they intend to use the prize money should they be lucky enough tio win it, and why they're not your typical boy band. See this week's X Factor performances below!

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Think the boys might use all that prize money to buy a mansion, a sportscar or two, and a lot more sleeveless shirts? Well, Drew revealed that he has greater ambitions for his future riches:

“That prize money is nothing more than a tool to use to help build a sturdy foundation for us to influence millions and millions and millions of young minds to live in harmony with their planet and live in harmony with each other." He also dropped references to everything from ancient Japanese to Mahatma Gandhi to The Lion King, so we're quite curious to see how their charitable ambitions play out.

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We can't imagine that Emblem3's massive fan base and appealing set of performances will send them packing this week. But do they have what it takes to win the competition and use that prize money as they intend to?

Are you rooting for Emblem3?