Not even the people who should be most threatened by the rant from Two and a Half Men star Angus T. Jones can take him seriously.

At an investor conference yesterday, CBS president Leslie Moonves finally addressed his the actor's tirade on the show that included calling it "filth" and basically begging to get out of his contract. She referred to Angus as "that kid on Two and a Half Men who makes $300,000 per episode to talk bad about me," according to E! Online. It's funny because it's true...

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She wasn't done mentioning the incident though -- when discussing a possible deal with famed publishing company Simon & Schuster, she cracked that "I don't have any kids calling me filthy in the publishing (space)." Unfortunately, the only reason Leslie can laugh at the rant is because she's already dealt with a similar situation that was WAY worse. "I don’t think [the Angus situation has] been quite resolved, but after going through what we went through with Charlie Sheen, it’s been a piece of cake," she said.

A source close to the show that it's likely Angus will be going to college at the end of the current season of the show. Let's hope he saved all those six-figure checks because it's a safe bet that he's never working in Hollywood again after this.

Do you think Angus will leave the show at the end of the season?

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