Carly Rose Sonenclar became an intstant phenomenon after stepping on stage for her showstopping audition on this season's X-Factor. And she's held her own episode after episode, jaw-dropping performance after jaw-dropping performance. Now in the Top 4, Carly Rose is starting to feel some serious nerves -- which is no surprise considering the finals are next week and her performance last night left the judges underwhelmed.

Carly Rose caught up with Hollywire's own Chelsea Briggs to talk finals' nerves, judges' critiques and her wild X-Factor ride. 

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For the first time really ever in this season, Carly got some harsh criticisms from the judges about her performance of the Beatles' classic, Imagine. The most vocal critic was the notably nitpicky Simon Cowell.  Carly took the critical words in stride, saying to Chelsea, "I was a little sad, but for the record, I was okay. I don't think at home you can realize how that feels being on stage in front of tons of people and having someone tell you bad things about... your performance. It's a little hard... but I had fun."

So what do you think of Carly's Imagine performance? Take a look at Carly's dramatic performance (and her piano-playing skills):

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So was this a miss for Carly? Does she deserve to make it to the finals? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to tune in to tonight for the semi-finals results at 8/7c on Fox!