Gerard Butler plays a burned-out soccer dad in his new movie Playing For Keeps, and while he's recently better known for cutesy romcom roles opposite Katherine Heigl and Jennifer Aniston, we can't forget that behind those funny (and more often, corny) lines is the sexy badass who first caught our eye.

Don't believe us? Think back to 2006, when we fell for Gerard (and his six pack) in 300. Remember now? In honor of Gerard's new film, we're playing to keep him in this week's Hot Guy Friday. And yes -- there will be abs.

So you're definitely going to want to remind yourself of the old 300-style Gerard below...

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Don't forget that a major part of Gerard's charm is his Scottish accent, so just in case these pics aren't quite doing it for you, just pop in one of his films and you'll surely swoon!

What's your fave Gerard Butler movie?