It’s one of those moments when we wish the judges could say a few words about the celebrity performers, rather than just the contestants.

Those competing for The X Factor’s top prize have had plenty of critiques from Britney, Demi, L.A., and Simon, but understandably, they don’t weigh in on whether or not the celebrity guest was pitchy, flat, or just not bringing it.

In this case, though… it’s likely that they had to work to bite their tongues.

Carly Rose Sonenclar was super excited to share the stage with LeAnn Rimes, one of her idols, and fittingly so ― both girls burst onto the scene at roughly the same age with big voices that didn’t seem to match their years.

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But is this what Carly Rose has to look forward to in another decade or two? LeAnn’s nemesis Brandi Glanville has said LeAnn “drinks like a fish,” and we’re not saying she actually was drunk during this performance ― just that she appeared to be. (She sure as hell didn't seem stressed and anxious.) LeAnn belted notes she can apparently no longer hit, warbled/slurred most of the lyrics with zero enunciation, and appeared a wee bit wobbly as she clutched onto Carly Rose like they were long-lost sisters separated at birth.

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Gracefully, Carly Rose still managed to claim that it was one of the most fun appearances she’s had on the show, and that LeAnn made her feel “very comfortable.” (We can’t say the same for those of us watching at home.) “I’m glad, I’m glad, I’m glad!” LeAnn chirped in response, doing that thing drunk girls do -- getting giggly, giddy, and exclaiming that everybody is their best friend. (But again, we’re not saying she’s drunk. Just that she was acting like an inebriated sorority girl who had one too many tequila shots before karaoke.)

And though Britney refrained from making one of her famous faces during the performance, both she and Carly Rose briefly looked uncomfortable with what was going on with LeAnn. Britney did in the end call the performance “shockingly amazing,” which is fair enough. We were both shocked and amazed that this was allowed to happen.

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“How Do I Live” seems the perfect song choice, because we’re not sure how LeAnn will live down this awkward moment.

LeAnn's performance: bad or not that bad?