Long, gone are the days of sun shine and warm weather and replaced with frigid temperatures and stop-you-in-your-tracks-cold wind. One place where the weather may not be below zero is Hollywood but we’re still feeling the chill from the Ice Queens that grace us with their presence. Whether it’s their addiction to Botox, their stone-cold heart and just their white-as-snow complexion, there are plenty of reasons to love or hate these starlets.

Here are the 10 Ice Queens of Hollywood that fit right in with the winter season.

Nicole Kidman – Porcelain Skin

With her angel-like red hair and perfect pale skin, Nicole might as well be a human porcelain doll.

Heidi Montag – Frozen

Watching the first season of The Hills, nobody would have ever imagined Heidi would end up on a list for having way too much plastic surgery. But then Spencer Pratt happened and so did 10 different body modifications.

Joan Rivers – Icy & Frozen

The only person on the list to have two reasons for being an Ice Queen. Her icy heart and sharp tongue has made her a few enemies during her time (right, Rihanna?) and her too many trips to the Botox venting machine makes her almost scary to look at.

Evan Rachel Wood – Porcelain Skin

Evan’s one of those girls you just envy. And I’m not talking about because she got to play Ryan Gosling’s love interest in Ides of March. She has that ability to pull off any hair color with her pale skin!

Lindsay Lohan – Icy

Lindsay, after so many producers and on-set members have deemed you a pain to work with, you’re not fooling us with your super-nice persona during interviews.

Courtney Cox – Frozen

What happened to Monica Gellar? Courtney must have dreaded that 40th birthday and gifted herself a brow lift and lip injections to make herself feel better.

Dita Von Teese – Porcelain Skin

Dita is known for her old Hollywood glamor look which means a spray tan is a major no-no. But hey! Her jet black hair and red lipstick goes perfect with her porcelain skin.

Naomi Campbell – Icy

This one should be pretty obvious. Naomi is the diva of all supermodels and we’re pretty sure her personal assistant – who’s probably still icing her head – would agree that she’s pretty damn icy.

Anna Wintour – Icy

Anna is the Queen B of the fashion world, but that girl is also the definition of high maintenance. Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada wasn’t just made up in the mind of the screen writer. Nope, Anna was the inspiration.

Megan Fox – Porcelain Skin

During her teens and early 20’s, Megan used to be BFF’s with the sun and all its bronzing glory. But she finally embraced her pale skin and dark locks making her even enviable.

Who’s your favorite (or least favorite) Ice Queen of Hollywood?