It should come as no surprise that a band called Imagine Dragons is giving us another set of mythical creatures in their latest video. (And no, we’re not just talking about Lou Diamond Phillips.)

The “Radioactive” video gives us an underground fight club, but instead of pitting dogs or roosters against each other, there’s one badass purple puppet that keeps tearing a bunch of cute, cuddly playthings to bits.

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Lou Diamond Phillips plays the malicious ringleader of the operation, getting rich off his nasty baboon-like creature (complete with a prominent set of breasts, you’ll surely notice at one point).

But don’t fret ― the adorable toys will have their revenge. Parenthood’s Alexandra Daddario plays a mysterious woman who enters a decrepit-looking pink teddy into the ring, but the plush plaything isn’t as tender as he looks. He’s got killer laser beams in his eyes, you see, and he makes short work of Lou and his henchmen.

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All in all, “Radioactive” contains some very impressive puppetry that reminds us of those dark, weird movies that mortified us during our childhoods ― The Dark Crystal and The Neverending Story, to name a couple.

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