It's official: John Travolta is no longer on this planet.

It's one thing to be a devoted Scientologist, but it's a whole different ballgame to say that ANY religion can heal major injuries. But that's exactly what the actor is standing by after claiming that performing Scientology "assists" helped heal one of his friends. "I was in Shanghai recently at a work event and the Master of Ceremonies' best friend had recently gotten into a car wreck. He had broken his ankle and was in constant pain. I asked him permission to do some Scientology assists and he said, ‘Okay, sure'," said Travolta to Celebuzz.

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Apparently, John doesn't think this kind of behavior is super-weird because there was a crowd of people watching him perform the procedure. "You could actually see him confronting the pain and after awhile he looked up at me and said, ‘I feel better,' so I said ‘Okay, end of assist.' He had gotten noticeably better and I was chomping at the bit for more."

A rep for the Church of Scientology clarified that John didn't "cure" the man, but that the "assists" help the body's natural process of healing itself go at a more rapid pace. Either way, it's a moot point. Not even Gary Busey spouts off crazy at this level.

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