Anne Hathaway’s impression of Katie Holmes on Saturday Night Live was dead-on. Like, super dead-on. Like, Tina Fey as Sarah Palin dead-on.

Maybe too dead-on?

In a chat with Ellen DeGeneres, Anne revealed that she hasn’t heard from Katie since doing the character, which she revisited on her most recent appearance last month. (Coincidentally, in a sketch that took place on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.)


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Anne’s impression of Katie wasn’t done out of spite ― the Les Miserables star had nothing but sweet things to say about Katie, and even wanted Suri’s mom to appear on SNL as Anne in a payback sketch.

It’s possible that Katie has just been too busy to reach out to Anne, or felt no need. But it’s hard to tell how much of a sense of humor Katie has about herself, if any ― and we can definitely see her being pissed, too.

Luckily Anne reached out to Claire Danes before mocking her in another spot-on sketch, obtaining her blessing before hilariously sending up Showtime’s Homeland. So at least Anne will have some friends left in Hollywood.

Do you think Katie's pissed at Anne? Does she have reason to be?