It’s a really bad time to have a single called “Die Young.”

Thematically, Ke$ha’s first Warrior single doesn’t have any more to do with the tragic events that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut last week than One Direction’s “Live While We’re Young.” It’s just another celebration of seizing the day while we can. But given its provocative title, the single has seen a steep decline in radio play since Friday.

Obviously, nobody in Newtown wants to hear anyone singing “Let’s make the most of this night like we’re gonna die young” under the circumstances. Many people across the nation who are still grieving in the wake of this horrific shooting don’t, either.

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As TMZ reports, the song plummeted from 167 million listeners to 148 million since the shootings occurred. That may still seem like a high number, but a decline of 19 million is the steepest drop since the Dixie Chicks alienated fans by disparaging George W. Bush back in 2006.

And while no one would claim that Ke$ha’s upbeat, surprisingly peppy dance track has anything to do with the killings, the video for the single does feature Ke$ha as a cult leader who emerges into a spray of police gunfire in a standoff at the end ― not an image most people want to see right now.

As the title suggests, "Die Young" may unfortunately need to expire a little too soon. It may be time for Ke$ha to release a new single ASAP ― and if she’s choosing from the Warrior tracklist, she may want to avoid selecting “Crazy Kids,” “Out Alive,” and “Last Goodbye” too.

Do you think "Die Young" should be retired in light of the tragedy?