When it comes to dating, we’re not sure Ke$ha is the girl you want to look to as a role model if you want things to last. Then again, she does seem to have her finger on the pulse of the youth culture of the moment (in addition to many other things she’s probably had her finger on).

In a new video, Ke$ha gives “Bad Girl Relationship Advice” ― advice so terrible, it has to be preceded by a warning informing viewers that it shouldn’t be taken seriously. And no, the “Die Young” singer’s raunchy tips won’t improve your love life any. But they are pretty funny.

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No matter whether or not the questions are innocent ― of the “Should I tell my BFF I like him variety?” ― or more unusual ― of the “My girlfriend’s mom keeps trying to get in the shower with me” variety ― Ke$ha’s advice is pretty much always to “hit that.” Twosomes, threesomes, watching porn, stalking, cheating ― it’s all fair game for pop’s Warrior princess (whose album dropped today). At least she advises us to use a condom.

Will you be following any of Ke$ha's bad girl tips?