It doesn't seem like anyone is happy about Instagram's proposed policy changes -- especially not celebrities!

Instagram added changes to its terms of service which said that, starting on January 16, users' photos could appear in advertisements without permission or compensation. In other words, pics of your drunken escapades could appear on an anti-binge drinking billboard. Or, if you're Kim Kardashian, the bikini pics you post every two seconds could appear in swimsuit ads without your consent.

Several famous faces including Kim K and Anderson Cooper took to Twitter to speak out against the new policy.

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Check out what they had to say below!

Kim Kardashian: "I really loved Instagram :-( I need to review this new policy. I don't think its fair."

Khloe Kardashian Odom: "Wow…I just read over Instagram's new sad, looks like I might be deleting my instagram after Jan 16. I hope something changes"

Anderson Cooper: "#Instagram will now be able to use anyone's photos in ads? Without consent? Come on! Is there another photo app people recommend?"

Jonah Hill: "Instagram, you were my favorite app and you stabbed me in the back. I feel like I married you and you just slept with my best friend."

Kate Walsh: "No more instagram"

Lauren Conrad: "Instagram's new terms of service will be the beautifully cropped and filtered nail in their coffin #instagramfail"

Michelle Branch: "Bummer about Instagram. Where will I post all my food pics now!? Haha. #RIPInstagram"

In response, Instagram announced late yesterday that it will remove all language from its terms of service which suggests that user photos could appear in advertisements. Unfortunately, the damage may have already been done.

Will you be going off Instagram on January 16?

Photos courtesy of Instagram and Getty Images