The Twilight movies may have featured some crazy vampire sex, but they didn’t really show anything. For those hoping for a glimpse at Bella that those teen-geared blockbusters simply couldn’t allow, here comes On The Road, based on Jack Kerouac’s beloved beatnik novel.

The film is all about how characters like Garrett Hedlund’s Dean and Kristen Stewart’s Marylou make a break from conformity, and for K-Stew, it’s a return to the more intimate dramas that put her on the map like 2007’s Into The Wild. The duo recently did some press for the film, in which they revealed their thoughts on nude scenes and what drew them to the film.

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Even though the press was for On The Road, it was inevitable that the conclusion of Twilight would come up a couple of times. Kristen spoke briefly about what it’s like to be on one series for so long, and how she feels now that it’s over:

“To be on one project for five years, I had the exact same feeling at the end that I had when I first started the project. The only difference is that now, at this point, I have that weight lifted and I want it back. I don’t have to worry about Bella anymore, which is so weird. She’s not like tapping me on the shoulder anymore.”

On The Road is Rated R, which could prevent some Twi-hards from getting to see it in theaters. On whether or not her teen fan base should check out this more adult drama, Kristen answered: “I guess it depends on who your parents are and who you are. I read On the Road when I was 14, so I don’t know. My parents never wanted to shelter me from the world that we live in, so I’m probably not the right person to ask. I think, if you have a desire to see it and your parents don’t want you to see it, then take that bull by the horns.”

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But naturally the juiciest tidbit from this press was about the nude scenes in the film. Both Kristen and Garrett bare some skin, which must be awkward enough when filming. But what about when your family watches the movie?

“The torture for [my managers and agents] wasn’t having to accept the fact that your ass would be out for anybody to see, but with the internet, it will never go away. But, it wasn’t really that,” Garrett said of doing the nude scenes. “It was the fact that for two or three years, I was saying no to everything that came across the table, and they were just like, ‘All right, you go off and do that film. I hope Mr. Salles is happy. Where have you been for the last three f***ing years?’ That was the only thing. Agents and managers despise passion projects sometimes.”

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Garrett revealed that his mom and sister actually watched the scenes sitting right next to him. “There were a lot of laughs,” he said. But he thinks there’s something harder than watching a family member’s nude scene. “I think the only thing harder for a parent is having to sit down and watch you do a dying scene. I’ve died in three films, and my mom begs me, ‘Just tell me you don’t die at the end.’”

Kristen had a similarly mature response to the nudity: “It’s funny to talk about from an outsider’s prospective. It’s like, ‘It must be weird to sit down and watch your ass with your mom,’ but it’s so weird, being on the inside of it. I don’t want to say that it’s like I’m watching another person because what I love about my job is that you can read stuff and find aspects of life that you relate to, that you didn’t quite know you had in you, and that can shock the sh*t out of you.

"The process of making a movie is finding out why you responded, in that way. I don’t feel like you’re ever playing a different person, but because it’s not your typical go-to, it’s more like you’re taking care of another person. You have such a responsibility to that person. It’s easy to be mature about it. It’s easy to place it in a context and feel protective of it.”

Sounds like we have plenty to look forward to when the film is released on December 21!

Will you check out On The Road?