Here’s a fashion trend for 2013 – stuffed animal wear! Well, maybe this trend won’t catch on but fashion risk takers Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj definitely gave it a whirl with a Hello Kitty gown and a rainbow teddy bear mini skirt. But which one actually pulled off the look?

Chelsea Briggs puts the two against each other in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Lady Gaga first tried this look a couple years ago with a Hello Kitty gown for its 35th anniversary campaign. The floor length strapless dress with stuffed animals was quite colorful and pretty amazing. And how about a Hello Kitty head ornament to top off the look?

Nicki made a statement in this colorful stuffed animal mini! With teddy bears, bunny rabbits and a frog, the eccentric dress seemed like something straight out of a children’s book! With rainbow platform boots to finish the look, it was definitely eye catching!

So who do you think rocked the look the best? Or did either of them at all?