In the wake of the news of the death of Latin artist Jenni Rivera, another devastating loss has gone less-mentioned in the news today. The year has seen a number of painful goodbyes with celebrities we lost before we were ready to see them go ― Whitney Houston, Michael Clarke Duncan, Tony Scott ― but nothing could prepare us for the untimely demise of Kim Kardashian’s cat Mercy Kardashian at the tragically young age of four months.

“It is with deep sadness that I have to tell you all that my kitten, Mercy, has passed away. My heart is completely broken,” Kim wrote on her website, where she shared a number of photos of the departed pet.

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Mercy had a dramatic and eventful life in the span of her four months. A gift from legendary rapper Kanye West (and named after his song “Mercy”), the adorable fluffball had an early taste of fame as she was photographed by paparazzi while out the Kardashian sisters and frequently tweeted about to Kim's 16 million followers.

But unlike the other Kardashians, Mercy had no taste for celebrity. She never let the fame go to her head. She remained down-to-earth and relatable throughout her short life, preferring naps and quiet nights at home in front of the computer to photo ops and parties.

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Perhaps in part due to her disdain for the public eye and preference for a quiet life, Mercy's BFFness with Kim was not meant to be once Kim realized she was allergic to Mercy. It abruptly ended their short period of domestic bliss. Mercy had to make the big adjustment of living with Khloe’s assistant Sydney Hitchcock instead.

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What should have been a happily ever after was cut short when Mercy was rushed to an animal hospital and diagnoses with a cancer-like virus in her stomach. Fittingly, Sydney chose the most merciful option, euthanasia, to put Mercy out of her misery.

To celebrate Mercy's brief time in the spotlight, let's have a look back at our ten favorite moments from this Kardashian, gone far too soon.


15. Mercy gets Starbucks!

14. Mercy kisses her mama!

13. Mercy goes to Melbourne! (in spirit)

12. Mercy cuddles!

11. Mercy loves shoes!

10. Mercy's glamour shots!

9. Mercy goes to the groomer (and matches Kim)!

8. Mercy hangs with Aunt Khloe!

7. Mercy's Dr. Suess homage!

6. Mercy blogs!

5. Mercy does Miami!

4. Mercy gets ready for bedtime!

3. Mercy sleeps!

2. Mercy’s first iPhone!

(and, tragically, last)

1. Mercy!

R.I.P., Mercy. We'll miss you.

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