It's official: Lindsay Lohan can't even stay out of trouble in her own home!

Despite making over $2 million in 2012, LiLo is reportedly struggling to pay the rent on her $8,000 per month Beverly Hills mansion. (First world problems!) She moved into the mansion last February, but is now hitting up friends to help make payments until the one-year lease runs out. She even had younger sister Ali sell bags of her red carpet duds for quick cash at a consignment shop. Maybe Charlie Sheen can come to the rescue again?

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Lindsay's landlord isn't the only one pissed about what's going on inside her home. Bravo reality show Million Dollar Decorators is also fuming after LiLo sabotaged an episode of the show centered around her. The show spent $200,000 on high-end furniture and accessories for her home, then Lindsay filmed a furniture shopping segment back in March and spent a few more days taping with them before the crew went to work on the home renovations.

So what's the problem? When it came to shoot the big reveal last April, LiLo stopped returning their calls. And even if she did get back to them, she's reportedly left the house in such a mess that it's completely unfilmable now. The producers have still decided to move forward with the episode by using canned post-renovation footage (sans Lindsay) as the big reveal.


What do you think of Lindsay's home drama?

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