Considering that he allegedly threatened to kill someone with a machine gun just last month, Lindsay Lohan might not want to get on Charlie Sheen's bad side!

The warlock made a generous $100,000 offering to his Scary Movie 5 co-star in order to lighten the burden of her massive tax debt. But while most people would have sent him a muffin basket ASAP, Charlie claims he never heard from Lindsay after sending her the money. No phone call. No e-mail. Not even a "thx 4 the $$" text. Nothing.

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Sources close to Lindsay are trying not to make the actress seem like an ungrateful bee-yotch, claiming she lost all of her contacts -- including Charlie's -- when her phone broke. In addition, she's been too wrapped in all of her ongoing legal battles and simply lost track of time.

In response, Lindsay finally sent Charlie a thank you card and gift. Unfortunately, it was a bouquet of roses, the least personal offering you could send someone. If someone gave us $100K, we would make a slightly larger effort than calling 1-800-FLOWERS. Then again, we're not hot messes like Lindsay...

What do you think of Lindsay's snub?

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