Christmas definitely came early this year!

The trailer for Scary Movie 5 was released right before the holidays and it's every bit as cheesy and craptacular as you would expect. Starring Ashley Tisdale, Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan, the two minute sneak peek is filled with the bad acting and horrible jokes we've come to expect from the Scary Movie franchise. There's so-cheesy-it's-funny, and then there's stuff that's just painful to watch. If LiLo was hoping this one would help her bounce back from Liz & Dick, we don't think this will do it.

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Since it's doubtful Lindsay will be making money off film work anytime soon, she's now hoping to solve her cash woes in the form of lawsuits, according to TMZ. She's reportedly looking at suing her Scary Movie 5 bosses over adding a joke at her expense into the trailer, without permission, despite being told by producers she'd have the final say on LiLo bashing material.

The working script for the movie has LiLo screaming at the top of her lungs while watching her film Herbie: Fully Loaded; in the trailer, she's screaming at a fake news clip of her probation being revoked. She reportedly feels producers added the extra joke out of spite because they blame her for holding up the shoot and trashing her trailer.

But wouldn't it be more appropriate if she was screaming at a clip from Liz & Dick?

The theatrical release for the flick is on April 19. If Lindsay isn't in jail by that point, it's going to be a very interesting red carpet!

Do you sympathize with Lindsay at all in this?

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