Apparently, girls who punch other girls in the face because they think you're flirting with someone else seems to be something The Wanted singer Max George is into.

Most people would run far away after being indirectly involved with Lindsay Lohan's nightclub arrest last week, but the singer says the actress is "a good girl." That's probably because Lindsay has been acting like a proper groupie though. She managed to get backstage at The Wanted's show in Philadelphia earlier this week and most recently, Lindsay was hanging out with the band on their tour bus as Max's "special guest" en route to a show in Boston, according to TMZ

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While many people thought Lindsay ended up backstage in Philly through sheer begging, it turns out Max was the one who invited her! Just don't get any ideas that this is turning into a blossoming romance. "(Max) doesn't want a girlfriend, and is a single guy... but doesn't mind having Lindsay around," said a source.

In other words, Lindsay will have to settle for the tour bus thrust. We wouldn't be surprised if she went for it, though. There are plenty of people who happily would.

What do you think of Lindsay and Max hanging out?

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